I wholeheartedly endorse Kelle for a seat on the SEMA Board. I’ve had the great pleasure of watching Kelle build a world class restoration and hot rod business from the ground up. Kelle is equally at home putting finishing touches on a top flight car build as she is running the complex business she and her husband have built. Kelle will lend an excellent voice of the shop owner to the SEMA Board Of Directors. Vote Kelle Oeste!” – Doug Evans, Former SEMA Chairman of The Board, SEMA Hall Of Fame Member

“As the Owner and CEO of the V8 Speed Shop, Kelle is front and center with issues impacting the Aftermarket Industry. Through her work on numerous SEMA Committees and groups she also has a deep understanding of the organization. She is perfectly poised to bring the strong insights and “get things done mentality” to help SEMA meet the needs of its membership and the Aftermarket Industry. Please cast your vote for Kelle as you make your selection for the SEMA Board of Directors.” – Jonathan Moore, Executive VP Motorsports, Bonnier

“You absolutely have our full support and endorsement! SEMA needs level headed, intelligent leaders, you’ll improve the status quo for sure.– Mike and Jim Ring, Ringbrothers

“Kelle Oeste is a highly talented individual who has consistently demonstrated a remarkable blend of passion and experience in the automotive aftermarket industry.

Kelle’s dedication and enthusiasm is evident in every project that V8 Speed and Resto Shop has produced. She possesses a deep understanding of running a small business, time management, organization as well as the structure needed which she applies to achieve outstanding results. 

One of Kelle’s most notable qualities is her unwavering passion for being a leader and helping others. This passion not only fuels her drive for excellence but also inspires her colleagues to strive for greatness. Kelle’s infectious enthusiasm creates a positive work environment and fosters collaboration among team members.

She is perfect for the SEMA board as she knows what the industry needs.   Her dedication to inspire, educate and lead is one of the most valuable assets that she can bring to the board.  

I am honored to work with Kelle in the industry as well along her side as a Council Member for the Hot Rod Industry Alliance.  I highly encourage you to vote for Kelle for the SEMA Board.” Mark Bowler, Bowler Performance Transmissions

“I am impressed with her ability to grow V8 Speed and Resto Shop into the business it is today. Kelle put processes in place to eliminate bottlenecks in the “restification/restoration” of their customer’s cars, and in general in the streamline the business to make it work more efficiently. Also impressive is her ability to build a “team” of employees that works together. I feel confident her love for cars, forward thinking, and ability to grow her business into the premier “restification/restoration” business it is today will make Kelle an excellent SEMA Board member.” – Jeff Noland, Former Owner, HTP Welders

Kelle Oeste for SEMA Board

“Kelle’s passion for all things automotive has shown through the growth of V8TV Productions and V8 Speed & Resto Shop which she is the owner. I strongly believe with Kelle’s understanding of what it takes to operate a small business coupled with her understanding of the automotive aftermarket makes her an excellent choice to be considered for SEMA Board of Directors.” – Gary Case, Owner, Triple Crown of Rodding

“It’s remarkable how quickly time passes; I’ve known Kelle for years in her role as the Owner and Operations Manager of V8 Speed & Resto Shop… In my interactions with Kelle, I’ve consistently been impressed by her exemplary leadership, steadfast dedication, and adept problem-solving skills. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Kelle demonstrates a remarkable capacity to think on her feet and devise effective solutions, thereby showcasing her prowess as a dynamic leader capable of guiding her team through any adversity with confidence and agility. 

Moreover, Kelle’s expertise and leadership would undoubtedly be a valuable addition to SEMA. With SEMA offering its 7,500+ member companies a diverse array of business tools and resources aimed at enhancing their success and prosperity, Kelle’s wealth of experience could greatly benefit SEMA’s initiatives. Her proven track record in identifying trends, problem-solving, and fostering growth aligns seamlessly with SEMA’s mission to assist businesses in making informed decisions, implementing strategic promotions, and networking with industry leaders. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Kelle possesses the acumen to contribute fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, ultimately enriching the SEMA community and advancing its collective goals.

Kelle is a top-notch professional, an entrepreneur, and a true ally to everyone she meets, embodying the spirit of innovation and collaboration that defines the SEMA community. ” – Clarence Barnes, Owner, South Road Media

“I would nominate Kelle Oeste for the SEMA board of directors. Kelle has a lot of passion for the industry that shows every day coupled with her drive and mind set, she would be excellent choice. Kelle is very easy to work with.” – Bruce Couture, Owner, Modern Drive Line

“Kelle Oeste’s passion, drive, knowledge, and enthusiasm for cars and the industry will benefit the SEMA network immensely! She has a vast knowledge and passion for cars, people and doing things right! She is a powerful and passionate leader who leaves a lasting impression on everyone who comes in contact with her. Kelle Oeste is a tremendous influence in the car industry!” – Debbie Wagener, Discover Leadership Training

“Kelle for SEMA Board. I can’t think of a better person to help steer our industry. Kelle is a powerhouse packed with passion and knowledge of all aspects of our industry. A genuine beautiful dedicated business owner full of fantastic ideas to take us all to the next level. Super supportive to all in the industry, always there to help. Can’t think of a better person to be sitting in the sema chair.  Vote 1 for Kelle! – Ziggy Sadler, Ziggy’s Design Driven

“The following is a testament to Kelle Oeste and my strong recommendation for her to be nominated to the SEMA Board of Directors. I have known Kelle Oeste for approximately 8 years. Kelle possesses a unique blend of skills, experience, tenacity, and passion commensurate with those required to operate in the classic car business. However, what really separates Kelle from the pack is that she also owns and operates a highly successful multi-million dollar classic car restoration shop thereby providing her with the additional business attributes essential to a member of the board of directors. In my humble opinion, this blend of unique attributes is a true discriminator in Kelle’s nomination.” – Jeff Homsher, Owner, It’s Alive Automotive

Kelle Oeste for SEMA Board Of Directors 2024